Stereotypes are everywhere and every country is a victim of it. You may have heard of the stereotypes of such big countries as Germany or Italy, but have you heard of the stereotypes of dating in Slovakia? This country also has its own set of stereotypes. In this article, you can learn about the basic stereotypes of this country that are not really true.

AreĀ Slovaks Similar the Czechs?

Many people over the age of 40 think first of all about Czechoslovakia when they mention Bratislava. However, the Czech Republic and Slovakia were officially separated in 1993 and have since existed as separate states with their own laws. But 26 years later, many previous generations have forgotten about the split of Czechoslovakia and still think it is one nation. Imagine the bad feeling of Slovaks when tourists come to them and think they came to Czechoslovakia. This is Slovakia, not Czechoslovakia, and every foreign person should remember this when visiting this country.

Slovaks Are Lazy?

Many former Soviet countries are considered to be very lazy and unwilling to work. But to consider Slovakia as a lazy country with people who do nothing is very unconscious because, by economic indicators, Slovakia is growing very much every year. Slovakian women are some of the most beautiful and hardworking in the world, so you need to clarify the situation first. Slovakia has one of the highest percentages of exports to the European Union, ahead only of Ireland and Luxembourg. Slovakia is a very developed European country, so it is an attractive place to live.

Slovakia may be considered lazy because of the large number of Roma in this country. But this is in no way related to the Slovak nation, which is very hard working and always proves it. Slovakia is very friendly for tourists, so you can visit it to find Slovakian women.

Slovakian Dating Customs

Dating a Slovakian girl is always traditional and full of surprises. You can never judge a book by its cover, but it’s true when talking about a Slovak lady. The list below applies to all women in general, but of course, each is unique and different. But some customary traditions of deity still exist in Slovakia.

  • Catholic religion
  • Flowers as gift
  • Be slow
  • Pay on the first date
  • You should lead

What About Religion?

Slovakia is a Catholic country. Many people still adhere to religion and this affects all people. Expect people to be ashamed and unwilling to talk to you about sex. However, prostitution is a common profession in Slovakia, so don’t be surprised to meet them there. Expect the woman to be very shy and shy at first, so much so that she will even be afraid to talk to you. But then she will be without borders in bed and you will enjoy it very much. Expect to have good sex with her, but only after you are close enough for it. A woman will be true to you, so you should not deceive her either.

If you are thinking about swinging, then it is not about Slovakian women because they only sleep with one man. You can ask them anything you like, but they still won’t agree to it.

They Love Flowers

Flowers are very much appreciated during dating a Slovakian girl and you don’t even imagine it that much. If you date flowers with any girl from other European countries, it will be disrespectful, but in Slovakia, it is most appreciated. She will shine especially if you pay attention to pick flowers that will suit her. You can give her any other gift for her first date, but flowers are a sign of special attention for Slovak women. They see it as a compliment to their femininity.

You Should Take Things Slowly

Dating in Slovakia is a very intimate process and Slovak women scan you closely very slowly. They have a whole program for that. If you do not drive her crazy, and things will not go very quickly, then expect that everything will be a little slow. A first date is the best excuse to drink. You can invite her to a restaurant, but it’s not a good idea because Slovak women eat before dark, so they are so skinny. They take this too strongly and also as a benefit to you.

What About Bills?

Of course, on a first date, she’ll expect you to pay for her. She may ask you if she needs to pay something, but it’s only courtesy so be sure to pay the first date. Later, she may also pay for you, or you will split your bills equally. But when you are already a family, then all bills must be split into two, because that is the rule in Slovakia. A woman will consider herself inferior if you pay everything yourself, except that you earn a lot and pay everything with her consent.

Education of These Women

It is very important to know the difference. Women who went to school under communism have a much better education than those who attended school later. The older generation may have much less value in the market than the younger generation, but they know a lot more and understand how the world works better because they personally have a great deal of experience and have experienced many things. Slovakian women in their late 30s and 40s are more sociable than younger ones. But of course, there are always exceptions. Those with education will expect that you will also have it, and will listen carefully whether you are intelligent.

They Are Beautiful

They are beautiful and they know it. Compliment them about something other than their beauty. They also know that you are a man and if you pay a lot of attention to them it is likely that you only need sex. She won’t talk about it in the conversation, but she knows about your intentions.

You have two options for dating in Slovakia, you can be very superficial and immerse yourself in a friendzone that will give you mixed results or be different from other guys and really get to know her, but let her still shine through that you want to be more than friends. If your intentions are bright and you will care for her properly, she will pay attention to you.


Dating a Slovakian girl has never been so easy because these women are modern and European. The main thing to remember for every man is not to confuse stereotypes with real facts and not be too obsessive.

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